This is the third time that the Unit participates in this international training where means of the 11th Submarine Squadron and the Third Surface Fleet participate.

After almost a month of navigation, the submarine SS-22 “General Carrera” landed in the United States, to participate in the tenth version of the international program “Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative” (DESI 2023), being the third opportunity that this submarine participates in the deployment.

The naval exercises consider interoperability with submarine, surface and air means, dependent on the 11th Submarine Squadron and the Third Surface Fleet of the United States.

For his part, the Commander of the submarine “Carrera”, Commander Sven Barckhahn, highlighted the technical and professional capacity of each of the members of the crew, the demanding training prior to deployment, added to the logistical preparation that allows them to operate more than 5,500 miles from their home port.

“The importance of this operational deployment is the ability to interoperate with a Navy as large as the U.S. Navy, in multi-threat scenarios, strengthening the submarine’s tactical training,” he said.

The Unit was received at the dock of the Point Loma Naval Base, San Diego, by the Commander of the 11th Submarine Squadron, Commodore Kenneth Douglas, as well as by the Chief of the Chilean Naval Mission in Washington, Captain Andrés Silva.