At the national level, the Maritime Authority will be present with about 200 officials, General Service Boats (LSG), Maritime Patrol Boats (LPM), jet skis, inflatable boats and land vehicles, so that athletes can compete safely.

Algarrobo. The Nautical Brotherhood of the Pacific was the place chosen to publicize the capabilities of the Chilean Navy to provide maritime security, and how it will support the development of aquatic and nautical competitions during the 2023 Pan American Games in the communes of Algarrobo, El Quisco and Pichilemu.

In a ceremony, where the Undersecretary of Defense Ricardo Montero, the Provincial Delegate of San Antonio, Caroline Sireau, the Commander in Chief of the First Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Juan Pablo Zúñiga, the Director of Security and Maritime Operations, Rear Admiral LT Carlos Fredes and the Maritime Governor of San Antonio, Captain LT Patricio Torres and some athletes who will compete, a demonstration of the naval units that will be deployed was held around the country.

The Undersecretary of Defense, Ricardo Montero, highlighted that: “The preparation for these Games has been years of work. It is the entire State that is committed to this family and national celebration, and the role of our Armed Forces is very important in the development of this sporting event, the largest that our country has ever organized. In addition, 6 athletes from the Army and 2 from the Navy will participate representing Chile,” said Undersecretary Montero.

The main nautical sports activities that will be developed in the area of responsibility of the Maritime Authority, consider the following disciplines: Triathlon, Sailing, Surfing, Speed Canoeing and Rowing, which will be carried out in the cities of Viña del Mar, Algarrobo, El Quisco, Pichilemu and in the Laguna Grande de San Pedro de la Paz, in Concepción. respectively.

For his part, the Director of Maritime Security and Operations, Rear Admiral LT Carlos Fredes explained that, “through the General Directorate of Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine (DIRECTEMAR), a superior State body, in matters of safety and safeguarding of human life at sea, it has been planning since 2022, an efficient and effective institutional support, to meet the requirements requested by the Executive Directorate of the Pan American Games ‘Santiago 2023’, with the purpose of maintaining active participation during the development of the games, providing security to the athletes and the citizens who will be present on each day of sports activities, contemplated by the organization of the event”.

For the Chilean athlete, María José Poncell, who will compete in the Sunfish discipline, she commented that, “I am very happy that the Pan American Games are here, it is an incredible opportunity for the country, and having this safety device is very important, because there are always risks, so knowing that the Navy will be supporting, gives peace of mind.”

At the national level, the deployment of naval resources throughout the development of nautical sports events, will have General Service Boats (LSG), Maritime Patrol Boats (LPM), jet skis, inflatable boats, land vehicles and about 200 uniformed personnel dependent on the respective Maritime Governorates and Port Captaincies, who will perform Maritime Police functions, safeguarding order, safety and discipline, at every sporting event and on the waterfront.