In the month of January, the Dental Medical Patrolman (PMD-74) “Cirujano Videla”, dependent on the Fifth Naval Zone, continued his support for the medical rounds with the Health Service of Chiloé and Reloncaví.

Along with carrying out the medical rounds in different isolated areas of the Chiloé Archipelago and Desertores Islands, the Medical Patrolman embarked two groups of five Brigadiers from the Naval School, who had the opportunity to learn about life on board and share with the different communities served during the tour.

On this occasion and under the command of his current Commander, Lieutenant Commander Joaquín Opazo, “Cirujano Videla” arrived in the towns of Acui, Laitec, Inio, Alqui and Isla Talcán, where the Brigadiers were able to learn about the work of the crew. and the embarked medical group, appreciating their actions for the benefit of the population.

So far in 2023, the Medical Patrolman has provided health to 482 people, delivering more than 1,050 health benefits.

Finally, the Commander highlighted that the ship, its crew and together with the health professionals on board, continue to deploy their efforts to bring well-being, support and relief to the most isolated communities of the Chiloé archipelago and the Desertores Islands, also constituting themselves as a platform practical professional training and liaison with the environment for future officers of the Chilean Navy.