n the Molo de Abrigo with the presence of the Minister of National Defense Maya Fernández and the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Juan Andrés De La Maza, the Undersecretary of Defense Ricardo Montero and naval authorities, it took place on Tuesday, October 24, the incorporation ceremony of the ATF-60 “Lientur” tugboat into the Chilean Navy.

With this new Unit, the Institution’s capabilities will be increased in its role of logistical support to Naval Forces and Territorial Zones, Antarctic navigation, search, rescue and salvage, support for the maintenance of maritime signaling, control of maritime spaces, support for combat aquatic pollution and support in the event of catastrophes, this in order to comply with the different mission areas.

The incorporation of this vessel is part of the “Tugboat Phase 2” Project, led by the Directorate of Programs, Research and Development of the Navy, which contemplates the renewal of the Institution’s high seas tugboats.

Minister Maya Fernandez commented that “Chile has great challenges, we are a tricontinental country and this ship that is going to be in Punta Arenas is going to have a very important role.” Furthermore, with respect to the work that the Unit will carry out in the White Continent, she explained that “Chile is a country with an Antarctic vocation and in that the Navy is vital, especially for the tasks that our country requires.”

For his part, Admiral De La Maza said that “we have just incorporated a new Unit to serve the Homeland which among its most important roles will be all support for our bases deployed on the White Continent.” He continued by stating that “here we are thinking about a ship that will be in service for at least 35 years, therefore, it is a great capacity that we incorporated.” He finished his words by explaining that ships are iron and the spirit is imbued by the crews, “so this crew has a great task ahead of them.”

It is worth mentioning that this Unit will have the city of Punta Arenas as its base port. The “Lientur” is a deep sea tugboat and logistics vessel built in 2008, it has a maximum displacement of 5,828 tons, length 74.5 meters, beam of 17.2 meters and a maximum draft of 6.8 meters and is It is expected that it will join the units dependent on the Third Naval Zone in the second quarter of 2024.