The Brazilian Navy celebrated the delivery of the vessel “Sargento Barnabé”, a new means of transport, destined to serve the residents of Marambaia Island. The delivery ceremony, held at the Ilha da Marambaia Training Center (CADIM), was attended by military and civil authorities. In addition to use by residents, the vessel will also be used by CADIM military personnel.

The vessel “Sargento Barnabé”, the first of a new class, has capacity for 200 passengers and 4 crew. With a length of 27.80 meters and a steel hull, she is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 12 knots and a cruising speed of 8 knots.

The new vessel, which began sailing today in the sheltered waters of Sepetiba Bay, also includes amenities such as air conditioning, a TV system, surround sound and bathrooms, in addition to meeting accessibility requirements with ramps and bathrooms for people with special needs. , benches for obese people and spaces dedicated to wheelchair users.

The ceremony was marked by the signing of the receipt by CADIM and the Naval Engineering Directorate (DEN), formalizing the delivery of the vessel.

“We at the General Directorate aim at the core activity of the operative sector, but also the entire support part, that is, we are delivering this vessel to facilitate the training of our personnel who will furnish the operative sector and also facilitate transport for society who lives here. So, I think it will be a huge benefit for our Navy, huge for our society. We hope that this vessel will be very well used”, stated the Director General of Navy Material, Squadron Admiral Edgar Luiz Siqueira Barbosa.

Tribute to a veteran champion

By naming the vessel Sergeant Barnabé, the Marine Corps pays tribute to veteran Barnabé Santos Souza, who joined the Navy in 1956. In addition to his professional skills, he stood out internationally in the military pentathlon. He was Brazilian champion from 1960 to 1969, South American champion in 1968 and 1969, and world team champion in 1960 and 1965. In addition, he was runner-up to the world team championship seven times and won third place on three occasions. In 1961, he was an outstanding South American champion, reaffirming his legacy of excellence and dedication.

The honoree’s son, Carlos Barnabé Santos Souza, was present at the ceremony and thanked the Navy for its affection towards his father. “I’m very grateful, because my father was truly a very special person. Every time I say my name, which is also Barnabas, they ask if he is the Marine. People have a lot of affection for him. My father always liked to help, not just the military, but everyone, and it won’t be any different here. This vessel, in addition to serving the military, will serve the people of the community here in Marambaia,” he stated.