After spending four days in Singapore, where its crew carried out protocol and cultural activities, the BAP Sailing Training Ship “Unión” set sail from the Changi Naval Base, following the Indian Ocean route bound for the port of Bombay in India, seventh landing point of the historic circumnavigation voyage, where it will arrive on November 1.

Prior to departure, the farewell ceremony of the imposing training ship was held at the aforementioned Naval Base, attended by diplomatic and naval authorities from Peru and Singapore. The visit of the sailboat “Unión” to the Asian country has contributed to strengthening relations of friendship and cooperation between both nations; as well as has demonstrated how decisive the oceans are as means of interconnection between the peoples of the world.

The training sailboat carries cadets from the Peruvian Naval School on its crew, who, as part of their training stage, travel around the world as part of the VIEX 2023-2024 Foreign Instruction Trip.

On its route to Bombay, the largest city in India and an important economic and cultural center in the region, the Peruvian sailboat “Unión” will sail approximately 6,000 kilometers in the waters of the Indian Ocean, an experience that will allow the cadets and crew to acquire skills and nautical knowledge for optimal performance in the naval service.