On 11 December 2022, BRP TARLAC (LD601) greeted the shores of Eastern Samar at dawn with the successful landing of special forces elements from the Philippine Army for their operational deployment at the AFP Central Command Joint Area of Operations.

To train and capacitate other vessels for coordinated operations, BRP TARLAC(LD601) assumed the role as the Combat Transport Group. Working together with task units from the Sealift Amphibious Force (SAF) deployed at Naval Forces Central (NFC): BRP BATAK(LC299) and BRP TAUSUG(LC295), the Task Group efficiently and safely undertook the operational maneuver of the PA forces by training
together in preparation for the landing.

These vessels from the Sealift Amphibious Force conducted Subject Matter Expertise Exchange (SMEEs), Combat Transport Planning and culminated with a Tabletop Exercise (TTX) to simulate Ship to Objective Maneuvers (STOM). The commander of the ground special forces was impressed on the display of high level of efficiency and professionalism said, “As a special operations unit working together with LD601, LC299 and LC295 for the first time, we realized the complexities and attention to detail that is needed for what we thought of as a simple transport mission and greatly enhanced our level of awareness. This understanding can greatly contribute on planning considerations of joint operational commanders for future operations.”

Moreover, during the execution of the transport waves, BRP TARLAC(LD601) was able to test its Operations Manual for Stern Gate Marriages for LCUs and LCHs. One of the highlights was the first successful stern gate marriage for BRP BATAK(LC299) to LD601.

After obtaining the minimum speed and weight load parameters, LC299’s skipper, CDR RONALD KEITH T TANEDO PN made a precise maneuver to secure at BRP TARLAC’s stern gate which greatly reduced the planned time for the unloading and disembarkation of the ground troops and their mobility.

This display of high-level proficiency is a result of one of the maxims imparted by the Acting Commander Philippine Fleet COMMO ROY VINCENT T TRINIDAD PN to “Train as we operate and operate as we train.”.