For the second year in a row, BAE Systems, Inc.’s Ship Repair business has been recognized by Signal Mutual as a top company for safety. The prestigious Signal Mutual Industry Safety Leadership award was presented to BAE Systems, one of only five companies to receive it, during the industry group’s annual conference in Salt Lake City this week.

In presenting the award, Signal Mutual noted that, in 2022, BAE Systems had a noteworthy safety culture because of the leadership’s clear visibility and engagement of with employees. Signal Mutual also noted that BAE Systems’ focus on safety in its shipyards resulted in a low frequency rate of claims compared to industry standards, no excessive loss cases, and no fatalities for more than two years.

“Shipyards can be hazardous. However, our leaders’ commitment to empowering all employees to declare a ‘Stop Work’ when they see something out of order is critical to ensuring that our teammates complete their work and return home safely every day,” said Paul Smith, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Ship Repair. “This award instills pride within us as industry leaders, and it inspires us to continue protecting each other and setting high standards for those who work alongside us.”

BAE Systems employs nearly 3,000 people across three shipyards in California, Florida, and Virginia who work alongside thousands of U.S. Navy personnel, commercial vessel owners, subcontractors and vendors who are also based at the sites.

“Everyone in the team is empowered and trusted to be a safety, health, and environmental leader,” said Noushin Sprossel, Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) director for BAE Systems Ship Repair. “Our tremendous progress towards achieving SHE excellence and recognition for our performance reflects our commitment to make the safety and health of our workforce a priority.”

Signal Mutual is an organization that provides workers’ compensation services to about 300 high-performing organizations in the maritime industry, including nearly 100 shipyard companies.