Those who looked at the horizon of the Port of Cabedelo (PB) earlier this month, could see an unprecedented landscape. As part of Operation “ADEREX-I 2024”, the largest warship of the Brazilian Squadron, the Multipurpose Aerodrome Ship (NAM) “Atlântico”, docked in Paraíba waters for the first time.

Among the welcome events for the city, the Brazilian Navy (MB, in Portuguese) organized the traditional public visitation this Sunday (17). After 8 hours, the presence of 13,377 people was registered, who crowded the vessel and got to know the equipment, aircraft, the flight deck and the combat tanks of the Marines.

Physiotherapist Larissa Duarte took her three-year-old son to this type of event for the first time and assures that, at the end of the day, everyone had a good time. “I don’t know who was more excited, whether it’s the son, the father or the mother. We had a lot of fun and even had the opportunity to get to know the helicopters and learn about their function and everything inside the ship,” he says.

etiree Isabel Silva is a tourist from São Paulo and was happy to be able to enjoy this different program on vacation. “As soon as I arrived here, I had the privilege of getting to know this amazing ship, as well as taking a wonderful tour.” The tourist also made a point of reporting her satisfaction with the organization. “I saw accessibility, a single queue for pregnant women, children and the elderly and I include myself in that. I’m very happy with this opportunity.”

In addition to Larissa and Isabel, the elderly and children, who visited the Flagship of the Brazilian Squadron, also took a closer look at details that arouse curiosity. Fábio Emerson is only 12 years old, but he came precisely to find out what a real ship is: “I am very interested and I was very curious to know how the equipment works and what life is like here. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll become a sailor too.”