In the development of combined training exercises between the Colombian Navy and the French National Navy, a meeting was held in the Pacific Ocean between the exclusive economic zone patrol vessel ARC “7 de Agosto” and the light coastal surveillance frigate “Germinal”, in order to strengthen their capabilities and relations between both countries.

During the meeting of the two ships, different exercises were carried out, such as the “light line transfer” which consists of launching lines between both ships for the transport of light objects; of assistance or medical evacuation by helicopter in emergencies on the high seas with the support of a French aircraft, culminating in tactical maneuvers based on formations that highlighted naval traditions among warships.

Subsequently, the exchange of crews was carried out, which consisted of the visit of a group of crew members of the Colombian Navy to the French Frigate and vice versa, where they learned about their mutual capabilities and shared their seafaring customs.

The visit of foreign ships represents for the Colombian Navy an opportunity to strengthen ties of brotherhood and exchange operational experiences between the Navies, to counteract the different crimes that affect international maritime security.