The training ship of the Argentine Navy returned to Buenos Aires Naval Station November 8th after 5 months of navigation throughout the American continent.

Buenos Aires – This noon the frigate ARA “Libertad” arrived at the Buenos Aires Naval Station, thus culminating its 51st training trip.
The training ship was received by the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Admiral Julio Horacio Guardia, together with the Secretary of International Affairs for Defense, José Francisco Cafiero.

Present were the Secretary General of the Navy, Rear Admiral Diego Eduardo Suárez del Solar; the Director General of Education of the Navy, Rear Admiral Marcelo Cristian Tarapow; authorities representing other Armed and Security Forces; and hundreds of family members and friends of the crew of the training ship.

The unit, under the command of Captain Gonzalo Horacio Nieto, led the Midshipmen in Commission members of the 152nd Promotions of the Naval Command Echelon, 87th of the Marine Infantry Echelon, and 108th of the Professional Corps of the Quartermaster Echelon, of the Naval Military School.

In this way, the Navy Training Ship once again fulfilled the objective of completing the professional training of Midshipmen in Commission, contributing to the increase of their nautical knowledge and their training in the culture of teamwork and the development of leadership skills.

After a week of heavy rains, the weather improved significantly and the sun came out. But the real atmosphere that accompanied the hundreds of people who were waiting for the frigate ARA “Libertad” was one of euphoria, anxiety and deep emotion.

“A hug that has been waiting for 5 months”, is how Sabrina defined it, who, together with her mother, came from Jujuy to receive her son, Midshipman in Commission Matías Paz.

While the Navy’s General Staff Band played different military marches, people gathered at the Buenos Aires Naval Station in the North Dock, raising their welcome signs. In the distance, a large colorful banner could be seen held up by Pedro Álvarez’s youngest daughter. “It is a tremendous pride because there are already 3 of my children who embarked on the frigate; it is already customary to come to this place,” said Pedro, who came from the city of Punta Alta to be present with his wife Mirtha.