On October 13th, ARA Libertad moored at the commercial dock of the port of Ushuaia, capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands.

The unit traveled 1,890 nautical miles (3,500 kilometers) in 11 days to link the Chilean city of Valparaiso with Ushuaia. To do this, the crew sailed through the Pacific Ocean, the Patagonian channels, the Strait of Magellan, and the Fuegian channels. During this leg, the Midshipmen in Commission made watches and carried out various seafaring tasks on deck. At the same time, they participated in professional exhibitions and carried out work in the different positions, fulfilling the established programs to complete their training on board.

The training ship, commanded by Captain Gonzalo Horacio Nieto, was received by the Chief of Staff of the Southern Naval Area, Captain Ángel Gustavo Vildoza, accompanied by the Deputy Chief of the Ushuaia Naval Base, Commander IM Luciano Gastón Gordillo, and the Chief of General Services of the Ushuaia Naval Base. Lieutenant Commander Pablo Román Bianco.

On Sunday, the crew and the Midshipmen in Commission will participate in a ceremony where they will place a wreath at the National Historic Monument “Heroes of Malvinas” in the Plaza Islas Malvinas, located in the Fuegian capital.