Yesterday at noon, from the dock of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, the ARA “Estrecho de San Carlos” warning set sail to begin its participation in the Summer Antarctic Campaign (CAV) 2022/23.

The brief ceremony was presided over by the Commander of the Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Carlos María Allievi, accompanied by the Naval, Amphibious and Logistic Commander, Captain Eduardo Adrián Mayol, and witnessed by the relatives of the crew who came to bid farewell to the unit.

Before setting sail, the ship and its crew received a blessing from Chaplain Luis Scrinzi, and then in semicircular formation heard the words of Rear Admiral Allievi: “The day has come! They were during the year preparing the unit and the time has come. I want to congratulate them on how the ship is doing, how they have prepared it for this new CAV.”

Then he remarked: “This operation puts us to the test from this very moment of setting sail and until the arrival again at this dock. I wish you success in the task and take good care of yourselves. Antarctica is neither happy nor sad, it is serious, it gives us no margin for error. We have to be permanently focused because, in addition to the complexity of any naval operation, here is added glaciology and meteorology that in that place is very demanding. ”

Admiral Allievi concluded by requiring the crew to “always keep their spirits high and know that the entire Sea Fleet will be attentive to assist and support you in everything you need. Be proud and make your relatives who came to see you farewell proud.”

After these words, the Commander of the warning, Lieutenant Commander Sebastián Eduardo Sánchez, received from Rear Admiral Allievi the authorization to sail, after which the ship released moorings.

The “Strait of San Carlos” warning will be added to the activities developed by the icebreaker ARA “Almirante Irízar” and the ARA “Canal Beagle” transport in the white continent to guarantee the development of logistics supply and transport of personnel and material; and the ARA “Puerto Argentino” warning that will be dedicated to the Combined Antarctic Naval Patrol with the Chilean Navy for tasks of safeguarding human life in the Antarctic seas.

The warning will now sail to the Port of Buenos Aires, where it will make a technical and logistical stopover in addition to its general cargo, which it will then transport to Antarctica. Once there, and depending on the weather conditions, the ship is expected to develop its logistics and replenishment activities in the Argentine joint Antarctic bases.