The oceanic patrol boat ARA “Storni” arrived at the Mar del Plata Naval Base after carrying out activities to control maritime spaces under national jurisdiction. The unit, under the command of Captain Mauricio Gabriel Dunel, had set sail on March 17 towards the concentration zone of fishing vessels in the Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) and adjacent areas.

During the first days of the patrol, it covered the area between Puerto Madryn and Comodoro Rivadavia, while a second stage covered the area between Comodoro Rivadavia and Puerto Deseado.

The navigation also included specific operations with a B-200 aircraft belonging to the Maritime Surveillance Aeronaval Squadron in the area where the highest concentration of fishing vessels usually occurs.

During the days of patrolling, the unit detected more than 422 foreign-flagged vessels and was able to verify that the units without an Argentine license carried out their tasks beyond mile 200, while the vessels that were within the Zone Economic Exclusive (ZEE) had the corresponding authorizations.

In this way, the mission of monitoring and controlling maritime spaces under national jurisdiction was continued, with the aim of guarding Argentine maritime interests, deterring vessels from violating national regulations and laws, and monitoring the activity of the foreign fishing fleet in the area adjacent to our exclusive economic zone.

The unit sailed for two weeks with a crew that included the ship’s personnel, the Tactical Divers Group and the Visit, Registration and Capture Staff of the Maritime Patrol Division. On the other hand, an officer from the Argentine Naval Prefecture and a Fisheries inspector from the Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Nation were also on board.