During the morning of this Monday, October 30, the Transport Ship “Aquiles”, set sail from the Molo de Abrigo, in Valparaíso to begin its journey to Punta Arenas and then, carry out its Antarctic Commission 2023 – 2024.

Prior to the departure, the Commander of the “Aquiles”, Frigate Captain Mario Costa, indicated that, “This is the second time this year that the ship has moved to the Chilean Antarctic Territory. The purpose of this commission is to logistically support the different national operators that make sovereignty in this geographical area of vital importance for our country, mainly supporting the work carried out by the Institution and other Antarctic operators”.

Once the Unit arrives in Punta Arenas, it will carry out the process of loading the containers with supplies, food and fuel, which will allow them to resupply the bases and crews.

Likewise, it will embark the Naval Servants of relief of national bases, such as the Maritime Government of the Chilean Antarctic Territory, Antarctic Naval Base “Arturo Prat”, Captaincy of the Port of Bahía Fildes, Captaincy of the Port of Bahía Paraíso and the Mayor’s Office of Mar de Rada Covadonga.

It should be noted that, during its 35 years of service to the country, the Unit has sailed more than 930,000 nautical miles, equivalent to 43 round-the-world voyages, making 83 navigations in support of the island territories. It has the capacity to carry up to 40 containers, which it has carried out in the 30 Antarctic Campaigns in which it has participated, being its first commission to the Chilean Antarctic territory in 1990.