Aquiles and Janequeo Return Home From Antarctic

This March 29, both Units landed in Punta Arenas after completing the tasks entrusted by the Chilean Navy, these two vessels being the last to participate in the 2023 Antarctic Campaign.

During the month of March, the AP “Aquiles” and the ATF “Janequeo” carried out their commissions corresponding to the 2023 Antarctic Campaign, carrying out resupply tasks at the Antarctic bases in order to keep them operational during the winter. During this period, various bases, both foreign and national, ended their summer period, which is why they were closed and the personnel were transferred on both ships. In this way, the “Mendel” Base of the Czech Republic, the Ecuadorian “Maldonado”, as well as the Captaincy of the Port “Bahía Paraíso”, “Gabriel González Videla” of the Chilean Air Force and the “Yelcho” Base of Inach , among others, were closed after the end of their period that begins in November and ends during the month of March.

“ We end the Antarctic campaign for the year 2022/2023. We perform various tasks, all fulfilled one hundred percent. One of those was to close both national and foreign bases. We also resupplied to permanent bases such as Base Prat, Fildes and the O’Higgins Army Base ”, said the Commander of the AP “Aquiles”, Frigate Captain, Mario Costa.

To carry out each of their tasks, both Units had the support of naval helicopters which, through the Vertrep maneuver ( vertical resupply maneuver) , carried out the logistical resupply, supported by rubber boats and skua (type barge) that were on board the AP “AQUILES”.

On the other hand, the Commander of the ATF “Janequeo”, Commander in Chief, Patricio Concha, specified that: ” we carried out refueling tasks, we delivered 335 cubic meters to the Prat and O’Higgins bases and to the German base located in Rada Covadonga for the maintenance during the winter of these bases. In addition, we bring around two tons of garbage that we removed from the bases in the Chilean Antarctic Territory, in addition to bringing Army personnel who were carrying out maintenance tasks at the O’Higgins base” .

It should be noted that both Units carried out the removal of garbage in the Chilean Antarctic Territory, thus complying with the Madrid Protocol whose objective is the protection of the environment and marine ecosystem.

In this way, the Chilean Navy, through its Third Naval Zone, maintains a real and permanent presence on the White Continent, making effective sovereignty and complying with the different areas of institutional mission.