The Australian Defense Force (ADF) will purchase new, smart sea mines, which will reinvigorate Defense’s maritime mining capability, and are deployable from submarines, ships and aircraft.

Following evaluation of market options last year, Defense selected RWM Italia to provide the capability under a multi-million-dollar contract.

RWM Italia was assessed as the market leading solution, demonstrating the ability to produce the quantities of sea mines needed, and the technical capability to meet ADF strategic objectives.

Rapidly deployable and technologically sophisticated, the smart sea mines will provide a new level of deterrence to potential adversaries.

The contract includes provision for the transfer of technology and expertise to Australia to enable local manufacturing and maintenance of the sea mines.

This includes potentially providing electronics services and recurring maintenance; and potentially filling the sea mines with Australian-made explosives and assembling them in Australia.

Delivery is expected to commence in 2023.

The quantity and types of sea mines that Defense will acquire remain classified.