The establishment of the Defense Digital Group within Defence represents increased focus on delivering information and communications technology (ICT) capability that will ensure Defence is ready to fight and win in the digital age.  

The Group, previously known as Chief Information Officer Group, has transformed to take a strategy-led approach to shaping, delivering and sustaining Defense’s ICT landscape in a faster, more agile way.

ICT underpins Defence preparedness in times of rapid technological change that has both accelerated military modernization in the region and reduced our strategic warning time. This means Defense’s technologies must focus on enhancing our warfighting capability and increasing our resilience.

Chief Information Officer, Chris Crozier, said the launch of Defence Digital Group was another step forward in delivering the Government’s commitment to align Defense’s posture and structure with the challenges and recommendations in the Defence Strategic Review.

“The Defence Strategic Review is a call for immediate action in light of our changing strategic circumstances.

“A genuine partnership between the Government, industry and unions will be critical to growing Australia’s defense industry and speeding up the acquisition of vital defense capabilities.

“We will be working closely with our partners from across the Defence ecosystem to ensure our ICT strategy and approach is well understood, and that we are attracting the best skills and capabilities from across the nation to support the Defence mission.”