Two Italian Ships Certified by Air-Naval Training Center

March 16, 2021 (Google Translation) – Operations and training
The contextuality of the national emergency for COVID-19 did not stop the crews of the Libeccio Frigate and the Foscari Offshore Patrol , which after a period of scheduled maintenance successfully completed the Elementary Internship ; an intensive training period carried out in February under the guidance and supervision of the personnel of the Air-Naval Training Center .

The Internship certifies the achievement of the operational readiness level and the full employability of the Naval Unit. It represents the culmination of individual and team training with which the crews achieve the ability to carry out the technical-operational tasks assigned .

The instructor staff of Maricentadd preliminarily conducted a capillary check of the organization of the Departments, of the functional teams, of the on-board roles, of the state of efficiency of all on-board equipment / arrangements and of the arrangements for damage control.

In relation to the current international geopolitical scenarios, a series of exercises of increasing complexity were therefore carried out in the various forms of struggle and in activities such as the control of merchant traffic; particular emphasis was then placed on the ability of crews to deal with internal harmful events such as fires, leaks and nuclear, bacteriological and chemical (NBC) attacks

Several cooperating assets to support the training activity of the two ships, such as the Alpino ship, the Stromboli ship and the Pantelleria ship, as well as several aircraft of our Naval Aviation.

After this phase, the Libeccio and Foscari crews will be able to continue to successfully carry out the assigned missions.

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