COTECMAR Delivers ARC Bahia Solano

March 10, 2021 (Google Translation) – ARC ‘Bahía Solano’ will carry out humanitarian aid operations in coastal and coastal areas, and will provide support for the development of operations aimed at disaster relief and logistical support at the national level.

The Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industry – COTECMAR, began the construction of this vessel 8 months ago, surpassing the logistics of imported materials and equipment associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project was led mainly by women, who from their roles as project manager, design coordinator, production engineering coordinator and planning, programming and control coordinator; They contributed all their knowledge and talent in optimizing the design, capabilities and construction strategy, in order to deliver to the Colombian Navy a ship with the highest quality standards.

This particular ship, the eighth of the class and the sixth to be operated by the Colombian Navy, is marked by the special characteristic of having been built entirely within the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in a clear demonstration of resilience, we were able to quickly adapt to meet institutional needs.

Thanks to the successful operation of these vessels in the Colombian Navy and the capacity they have to develop troop, material and equipment transport for amphibious operations; As well as to develop humanitarian aid operations, disaster relief and logistical support, they have aroused great interest throughout the region, and have made possible the export of a logistic and cabotage support ship for the Honduran naval force and a support ship. logistics and humanitarian aid for the Guatemalan national defense navy, these ships for Central America being the most sophisticated and value-added products exported by the country in 2017 and 2019.

In total, COTECMAR has built eight (8) BDA type units; six (6) for the National Navy, one (1) for the Honduran Naval Force and one (1) for the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Guatemala.


In terms of monitoring and control, COTECMAR has generated updates to all the systems associated with generation, propulsion and auxiliary systems. This has represented an important advance in the search for technological independence in the construction groups associated with electricity, command and control, allowing to increase local content.

The construction process of the ARC “Bahía Solano” generated more than 2000 direct and indirect jobs, mainly in design, engineering, planning, logistics, production, and supervision activities, to achieve the integration of more than 330 tons of steel, 18 kilometers of cables and 2 kilometers of pipes, approximately.

In this way, COTECMAR ratifies its commitment to the economic development of the country, as well as the growth of the naval industry and the capabilities of the Colombian Navy.

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