KRI Sultan Hasanuddin Trains with FGS Magdeburg

March 16, 2021 (Google Translation) – The Maritime Task Force (MTF) TNI Konga XXVIII-L / UNIFIL Task Force (Satgas) KRI Sultan Hasanuddin – 366, from the Eskorta Koarmada II Ship Unit, carried out the Miscex-830 Simple Maneuvering Exercise with the German Warship FGS Magdeburg F – 261 when both on patrol in Zone 1 AMO Center, Mediterranean Sea, Lebanese waters, Monday (15/3) local time.

According to KRI Commander Sultan Hasanuddin, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Ludfy, ST, MMDS as well as the Commander of the MTF TNI Konga XXVIII-L / UNIFIL 2019 Task Force revealed that Miscex – 830 is a series of tactical maneuver exercises and communication using signal flags as a second communication tool. ship. “KRI Sultan Hasanuddin – 366 as Officer Conducting Serial (OCS) gave various maneuver commands that were understood and carried out well by FGS Magdeburg F – 261,” said Ludfy, his best friend.

“This exercise aims to train and hone the skills of ship maneuvers and the skills of MTF elements in determining the form of formation, halu and time in occupying a position using signal flags as a means of communication,” he continued.

Ludfy also added, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin often carries out joint exercises with a number of warships from other countries that are members of the Unifil MTF Task Force. Among them are the Turkish, Bangladeshi, Greek and German navies.

“This is an appeal from Pangkoarmada II TNI I NG Sudih Journalist, as a form of implementation of Kasal Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono’s priority program, especially related to the development of a synergized system of strength development and operational readiness and operational readiness that is synergized and has high interoperability,” concluded Ludfy.

At the end of the training series, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin – 366 carried out the role of a parade and salute to the German warship FGS Magdeburg F – 261. Then the two elements maneuvered out of formation and headed for their respective operations sectors.

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