Fincantieri Launches Raimondo Montecuccoli

March 13, 2021 (Google Translation) – On March 13, at the Fincantieri factory in Riva Trigoso (GE), the launching ceremony of the third Multipurpose Offshore Patrol ( PPA ) took place, named after the general, politician and writer Raimondo Montecuccoli.

The event, held in a reduced form in compliance with Covid anti-contagion measures, was attended by the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Senator Stefania Pucciarelli, the Logistics Commander of the Navy ( MARICOMLOG ), team admiral Eduardo Serra, the Director of Armaments naval ( NAVARM ), Admiral Chief Inspector Massimo Guma, the Commander of the New Shipbuilding Center ( MARINALLES ), ship captain Gennaro Falcone and the representatives of Fincantieri. The godmother of the ship was Mrs. Anna Maria Pugliese, daughter of the Gold Medal for Military Valor, team admiral Stefano Pugliese who, during the ceremony, was accompanied by the designated commander of the ship, the frigate captain Daniele Cantù.

The unit, third in the Thaon di Revel class, will begin its “operational life” in 2023 after a further period of preparation and preparation of the crew which will be completed in the La Spezia Fincantieri del Muggiano (SP) plant, under the supervision of the New shipbuilding equipment center.

Nave Montecuccoli, whose motto assigned is ” Centum Oculi ” (One hundred eyes) is the third of seven units of innovative conception, designed to monitor and control maritime spaces of national interest, supervise maritime and economic activities, contribute to the safeguarding of marine environment, to support rescue operations for the population hit by natural disasters and to help escort naval groups, major and merchant ships; with a length of 143 meters and a displacement of 6000 tons, the ship is part of the line renewal plan operations of the Naval Squad launched in May 2015 (the so-called “New Naval Law”).

With these new patrol vessels, the concept of subdivision of the fleet into various classes of naval units is overcome: in fact, a platform with marked adaptive capabilities has been devised, thanks to the dimensions and construction characteristics, which allow to assume different configurations of use, choosing the implementation of the modular set-up based on the assigned mission profile.

These ships will have the possibility of embarking various equipment and containers to support the civilian population in the event of natural disasters, RHIB type boats ( rigid hull inflatable boats ) and unmanned vehicles.

Their bridge is characterized by an innovative system called “naval cockpit” which will allow for the first time the integrated management of navigation operations and combat system management, with a reduced number of operators, thanks also to the use of technologies. advanced and high automation.

The PPAs represent a type of ship of innovative conception with requirements of strategic versatility, flexibility of use, projectability and integration of capabilities that concretize the idea of ​​dual use of new generation armaments. These platforms will be able to produce electricity and drinking water in such quantities as to support a small town (about 6,000 inhabitants) hit by calamities, in more detail, they will be characterized by large spaces dedicated to the loading of sheltered materials and systems , which will expand further the hospital capacity, the transport of humanitarian aid and the boarding of specific systems for anti-pollution operations.

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