Russia Rehearses Defensive Anti-Submarine Mine Barrier

March 16, 2021 (Google Translation) – As part of the planned launch into the sea, the crew of the small amphibious assault ship on a hovercraft (MDKVP) “Mordovia” performed tasks on mine productions in the sea range in the Baltic Sea.

The crew of the ship carried out the staging of a defensive anti-submarine mine barrier in a given area, supplied training bottom mines. The mines supplied by the MDKVP were further successfully defused with the help of ship artillery.

In addition to mining the water area, the crew of the ICAC worked out protection against weapons of mass destruction at the crossing by sea. The main focus was on the implementation of regulations on sealing the hull of the ship and conducting special treatment of the ship in case of conditional access to the area of radiation pollution.

During the combat training tasks, the crew of the MDKVP “Mordovia” landed a sea landing on the unequipped coast. The landing unit of the Baltic Fleet Marine Corps on armored personnel carriers BTR-82A was involved. During the landing of the Marines from “Mordovia” the marines worked out the actions to break the enemy’s anti-aircraft defense from the sea.

“Mordovia” and the similar MDKVP “Evgeny Kocheshkov” are in service with the Baltic Fleet and are the world’s largest amphibious assault ships on hovercraft.

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