Vulcano Delivered to Italian Navy

March 12, 2021 (Google Translation) – This morning, at the Naval Integrated Shipyard Fincantieri del Muggiano (SP), the delivery ceremony to the Navy of the new offshore logistic support unit LSS (Logistic Support Ship) VULCANO took place, commissioned to Fincantieri as part of the Navy fleet renewal plan. Launched on 22 June 2018, the ship was built in two main blocks, one aft, built at the Riva Trigoso (GE) shipyard, and one forward arranged at the Castellammare di Stabia (NA) shipyard, plus an additional central ring of about 11 meters, also built at the Riva Trigoso shipyard. 193 meters long, with a displacement of 27,200 tons, the unit reaches a speed of 20 knots with a low environmental impact, through the use of biofuels and advanced auxiliary electric propulsion systems with low polluting emissions and will compensate for the progressive and partial phase-out of the current Stromboli class refueling units, built in the 1970s, based on outdated needs and with limited transport and refueling capacities.

The ship, with a wide-ranging logistic capacity and high modularity, is characterized by a very high level of technological innovation, which makes it extremely flexible and performing in the various operational scenarios and will represent an extremely valuable resource, in a dual key, even in non-exclusive activities. military in support of the Civil Protection, for emergencies and natural disasters.

The LSS will be used to transport and transfer liquid cargo (diesel, fuel for aircraft and fresh water) and solid cargo (spare parts, food and ammunition) to other naval units; the Unit is also equipped with an important hospital and health capacity, thanks to the presence of a fully equipped area with two operating theaters, a hospitalization area that includes 8 intensive care places, an area for the treatment of severe burns and laboratories radiology and analysis.

The sober ceremony, held in reduced form in compliance with the current rules of conduct for the fight against Coronavirus, was attended by the Logistics Commander of the Navy ( MARICOMLOG ), team admiral Eduardo Serra, the Director of naval armaments ( NAVARM ), admiral chief inspector Massimo Guma, the Director of the Joint Organization for Armaments Cooperation ( OCCAR ), Admiral Chief Inspector Matteo Bisceglia and the Commander of the New Shipbuilding Equipment Center ( MARINALLES ), ship captain Gennaro Falcone, as well as the management of Fincantieri and Leonardo.

The topical moment of the event, which marked the end of the fittings and the beginning of its operational life for Nave VULCANO, was the traditional flag change, when the flag of the Merchant Navy was lowered and the flag of the Navy under the orders of Captain Claudio Brega, first Commander of the Unit, who proudly thanked his crew for the commitment and resilience shown, knowing how to successfully complete all the prodromal steps to the delivery of the ‘Unity, in the face of the difficulties due to this long pandemic period.

The New Shipbuilding Equipment Center, in compliance with the programmatic lines of the Navy Logistics Command, continues its work of preparing the crews, also guaranteeing, in full synergy with the relevant divisions of the Naval Armaments Directorate, the surveillance of the work on site and support for the qualification and acceptance processes of new ships.

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