Joint Italian/French ASW Training in the Mediterranean

March 9, 2021 (Google Translation) – On 6 and 7 March, in the waters of the Central Mediterranean, the frigates of the Italian Alpine Navy and Margottini took part in an antisubmarine combat exercise with the unit of the French Languedoc Navy, intent on establishing a naval blockade against Submarine Venuti, in the role of opposing force. In addition to the organic helicopters, a French ATL2 maritime patrol aircraft from Sigonella and a SH101 ASW helicopter from Maristaeli Catania also took part in the antisubmarine interaction.

At the end of this training event lasting about 48 hours, the units, before returning to their respective areas of operations, trained with close kinematic maneuvers in order to strengthen the understanding and cooperation between the two European countries and guarantee presence and surveillance in the waters of the Central Mediterranean.

The effectiveness of modern anti-submarine sensors, both on board the surface units and on air vehicles, was enhanced by the complexity of the scenario and the marine environment where the activity took place, characterized by low and particularly challenging bottoms. The synergy of all the actors involved has created a valid moment of professional and human growth for the crews of all units aimed at strengthening the seafaring spirit that unites them.

An intense and demanding event that received the appreciation of Rear Admiral Antonio Galiuto, Tactical Commander of Operation Safe Sea aboard Nave Alpino, flagship of the 41st rotation.

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