FGS Berlin Deploys for Operation IRINI

March 4, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 4 p.m., the task force supplier (EGV) “Berlin”, under the command of frigate captain Stefan Klatt (52), will leave the naval base in Wilhelmshaven to make his way to the Mediterranean. There the ship and crew will take over the next contingent for Operation “Irini”.

“Once again I am looking forward to going into action with this crew. What the men and women of the ‘Berlin’ have achieved in recent weeks under pandemic conditions to optimally prepare the ship and the people for the upcoming mission deserves mine The ship is ready to go, everyone is healthy and in good spirits, “says Frigate Captain Klatt, with a view to the task ahead. The main task of the EGV will be to enforce the implementation of the arms embargo against Libya imposed by the United Nations Security Council. One of the tasks is to monitor and collect information on the illegal export of oil and fuel from Libya and thus to ensure support for the Libyan coast guard and navy.

For the first time, two helicopters of the type “Sea Lynx” will be embarked on an EGV. In addition to logistical tasks for the transport of personnel and material, the helicopters “Irini” as a flying eye increase the range of the EGV and boarding teams spend on ships to be checked. You take on important tasks to carry out the order. A total of 18 soldiers from Naval Aviation Squadron 5 in Nordholz will be embarked on board with the helicopters in order to ensure maintenance and repair in addition to flight operations.

“The challenge is the job. In my opinion, we are well positioned for this. We have the right staff and also the equipment to do exactly this job well. The second challenge, as in the previous year, is the health of the crew And by that I mean protection against COVID-19, “said the frigate captain. Shortly before the mission, over 90 percent of the crew were vaccinated. The vaccination was voluntary. A shore leave will not be possible this time either.

For the commander of the “Berlin” one thing is clear: “First and foremost, it is not some special care measures that make operations easier. First and foremost is good and respectful interaction with one another and, in my opinion, success comes immediately afterwards Warship of the German Navy in action. These two things together allow you to endure a lot, to be valued and to be successful. Last year we found a good balance between routine service, operational tasks, exercises and free time.

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