Premier Maître l’Her Joins Operation IRINI

February 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – On February 17, 2021, the Patroller of the High Seas (PHM) Premier Maître l’Her set sail from the port of Augusta in Sicily (Italy) with the Italian corvette Comandante Borsini . This logistical stopover made it possible in particular to install the communication equipment essential for carrying out the mission, and to validate the Friendly Approach and Boarding procedures with the staff on board the Greek frigate Aegan . It therefore marks the entry of the PHM into the IRINI operation.

The rallying of the patrol zone, located off the coast of Libya, was an opportunity to carry out numerous interactions with the Italian corvette Comandante Borsini , also integrated into the operation. Thus, several tactical evolutions, winches (with an AB212), presentations for refueling at sea and numerous tactical data link and communication exercises were conducted to confirm our interoperability. Information and Communication Systems indeed play a central role in establishing the tactical situation and exchanging data within Task Force 464.

While waiting to carry out his first visit operations, the PHM Premier Maître l’Her has already questioned several vessels on VHF * to collect intelligence. While waiting to take action, the unit’s visit team and the Marine Defense and Intervention Element (EDIM) marines continue their training to maintain a good level of integration.

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