ARA Canal Beagle Meets Almirante Irizar in Ushuaia

February 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – Yesterday afternoon, the ARA “Canal Beagle” transport, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Ulises Gastón Hoyos, took port in the city of Ushuaia.

The ship, dependent on the Naval Transport Command, had set sail on Monday 15 from the North Dock of the Buenos Naval Station in order to carry out logistical tasks, among which the transfer of cargo to the icebreaker ARA “Almirante Irizar” within the framework of the Antarctic Summer Campaign 2020/2021.

In its mission to contribute to the resupply of the Antarctic bases, the ship arrived in the south of our country with frozen food, field kitchens and fuel tanks, among other general cargo, which it will transfer to the icebreaker in the coming days. For this, he sponsored the “Irízar”, respecting at all times the strict prevention protocols against COVID-19.

Likewise, during the navigation to Ushuaia, the crew was trained in the handling of security elements; use of life jackets; control of breakdowns; abandonment role; fire fighting; and operation of life rafts.

Once the logistical tasks have been completed, the ship will drop moorings to sail back to the city of Buenos Aires.

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