Charles De Gaulle Strike Group Deploys

February 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – Formed around the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle, the carrier strike group (GAN) taking the name of Task Force (TF) 473, set sail on February 21, 2021 from the Toulon naval base (BN) to lead the CLEMENCEAU 21 mission .

A major pillar of the French naval force, the GAN is made up of the aircraft carrier (PA) Charles De Gaulle, the airborne group (GAé) (20 Rafale marine, 2 E-2C –Hawkeye planes, 1 Caïman marine helicopter, 2 helicopters Dauphin), the air defense frigate (FDA) Chevalier Paul , the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence , a nuclear attack submarine (SNA) and the command and supply building (BCR) Var. The GAN will be occasionally reinforced with additional French means and will be joined by allied ships: the American destroyer USS Porter, the Belgian frigate Léopold 1 st , the Greek frigate Kanaris and the Italian frigate Carlo Margotini.

TF 473 is placed under the tactical command of the commander of the French air and sea rapid reaction force (FRMARFOR), Rear Admiral Marc Aussedat.

The fight against Islamist terrorism will be at the heart of the GAN’s commitment. It will thus be integrated into Operation CHAMMAL, the French component of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR), first from the Arabo-Persian Gulf then from the Eastern Mediterranean. TF 473 will provide the coalition with its capacity to monitor, intervene and assess the situation in the fight against Islamist terrorism, alongside the French soldiers and allies already engaged.

TF 473 will also be deployed in areas of strategic interest in the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Arab-Persian Gulf, thereby directly contributing to guaranteeing freedom of navigation and consolidating knowledge and autonomous assessment of the situation. French in the central and eastern Mediterranean, but also in the Red Sea, south of the Arabian Peninsula or in the Strait of Hormuz.

CLEMENCEAU 21 follows on from the first edition conducted in 2019 by pursuing similar objectives: power projection, control of air and sea areas, intelligence, security and defense of freedom of action in these strategic areas.

The participation in the GAN of American, Belgian, Greek and Italian military assets will make it possible to consolidate interoperability with these first-rate partners.

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