ARC Bahia Solano Launches by COTECMAR

February 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – On February 22, 2021, the launching ceremony of the Amphibious Landing Ship (BDA) ARC ‘Bahía Solano’ was held at the facilities of the Mamonal Complex of COTECMAR, chaired by Rear Admiral Juan Ricardo Rozo Obregón, Commander of the Naval Force of the Caribbean, in the company of Mr. Admiral (R) David René Moreno Moreno, Vice Minister of the Social and Business Group for Defense; Rear Admiral Óscar Darío Tascón Muñoz, President of COTECMAR, and Rear Admiral Javier Alfonso Jaimes Pinilla, Director of the “Almirante Padilla” Naval Cadet School.

The Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industry – COTECMAR, began the construction of this boat 8 months ago, where a group of Colombian men and women contributed all their knowledge and talent in optimizing the design, capabilities and constructive strategy, in order to deliver to the Colombian Navy a ship with the highest quality standards.

Its design and construction was born from the need for the ARC to incorporate into its fleet an Amphibious Landing Ship, high performance and low draft, which has become a solution to the operational needs to support military units located in coastal towns of difficult access, by means of the transport of personnel, equipment and heavy machinery.

She is equipped with the latest technology equipment that has allowed her to carry out operations in areas of difficult access in the Colombian territory.

This ship has the capacity to evacuate approximately 250 people on deck, with protection in the open, and up to 72 people below deck; likewise, it has accommodation for relief teams, hospitalization with four beds, storage of medicines and a platform for a disaster control center.

It also has a cargo capacity of 210 tons, holds of up to 50 cubic meters in palletized cargo, and up to 14,300 gallons of liquid cargo, making it an attractive vessel for the development of commercial activities.

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