Hyundai Begins Construction of Next Generation AEGIS Destroyer

February 17, 2021 – Hyundai Heavy Industries has begun building the Korean Navy’s’Next Generation Aegis Destroyer’ in earnest.

On the 16th (Tue), Hyundai Heavy Industries held a groundbreaking ceremony for the next generation Aegis ship leading ship at its headquarters in Ulsan, attended by officials from the Defense Acquisition Program Administration and Defense Agency for Technology and Quality.

The Aegis ship that started construction this time is the first of the three next-generation Aegis ships introduced by the ROK Navy, and Hyundai Heavy Industries received an order from the Defense Acquisition Program Administration in October 2019 and performed detailed design.

Hyundai Heavy Industries carried out the basic design of the 7,600-ton class 1st generation Aegis destroyer, the King Sejong class, and successfully built the 1st King Sejong and the 3rd King Sejong Ryu, the Korean Navy in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Has led to.

The next-generation Aegis destroyer that started construction this time is 170 meters long, 21 meters wide, and 8,100 tons in weight, and can operate at a maximum speed of 30 knots (approximately 55 km/h), compared to the existing King Sejong class Aegis ships. The ability to intercept and intercept has been added, and the ability to perform anti-submarine operations has been dramatically improved.

In addition to the Aegis combat system, it is equipped with armaments such as 5-inch guns, guided missiles, vertical launch missiles, and torpedoes, and is equipped with a multifunctional spy radar, infrared detection and tracking equipment, and electro-optical tracking equipment. In addition, it is designed to save fuel by installing a fuel-saving auxiliary propulsion system consisting of two 1.7MW-class propulsion motors.

The lead ship of the next-generation Aegis destroyer will be grounded in October of this year and launched in the second half of next year, and will be tested and evaluated in 2022-24 and delivered to the Navy in November 2024. It is expected to play a key role in defending the ocean.

Nam Sang-hoon, head of the special ship business division of Hyundai Heavy Industries, said, “By successfully completing the detailed design of the next-generation Aegis ship, we have once again proved our advanced technology in the shipbuilding field.” I will contribute.”

On the other hand, the Aegis ship is a destroyer equipped with the’Aegis combat system’, and the name Aegis comes from the shield used by Zeus in Greek mythology. One Aegis ship can control multiple aircraft, battleships, missiles, and submarines, so it is sometimes called the’God’s Shield’ or’Dream Destroyer’.

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