BE Esmeralda Training Cruise Visiting Southern Regions

February 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – After making a coastal navigation from the Molo de Abrigo to Concón with unfolded sail, after its departure on February 8, the School Ship “Esmeralda” set out heading west towards the Juan Fernández Archipelago.

There he made an operational landfall during the morning of February 11 and until the next day, allowing a large part of the Midshipmen Course and the “White Lady” crew to get to know one of the most important island territories of our country and develop professional activities, despite not having the possibility of disembarking due to the health emergency that still exists in Chile as a result of Covid-19.

Once the stay in Juan Fernández was over, the Chilean Navy Unit headed south to begin its navigation through southern channels and that will take it to make operational landfalls in Puerto Montt, on February 19, and Punta Arenas, on 1 March, within the framework of his LXVI Instruction Cruise.

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