Jean Bart Escorted Two Chartered Ships in Strait of Hormuz

February 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – At the beginning of February, the anti-aircraft frigate Jean Bart accompanied civilian vessels Calao and Regine, chartered by the Ministry of the Armed Forces, during their crossing of the Strait of Hormuz.

Flying the French flag, the former carried military equipment and logistics to several French support points in the Indian Ocean area, and this time sailed towards the French Forces naval base in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU). As part of its posture of protecting French interests in the region, the Jean Bart accompanied the merchant ship.

The second, meanwhile, carried on board two tripartite mine hunters (CMT) of the French Navy, also en route to the FFEAU naval base, for a deployment of several months in the Gulf.

These significant movements ensure part of the logistics flow of the FFEAUs but help maintain the freedom of navigation and strengthen our interoperability with our partners in the area.

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