United Shipbuilding Makes Donation to Central Naval Museum

February 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – In St. Petersburg, representatives of the Baltic Shipyard and the Admiralty Shipyards (part of the USC) donated to the Central Naval Museum (TsVMM) mortgages for nuclear icebreakers of project 22220, large submarines of project 636.3 and a multipurpose surface patrol ship of project 23550.

The solemn event was held within the framework of the VII Collegium of naval museums. The museum fund was replenished with copies of mortgage boards of nuclear-powered ships “Arktika”, “Siberia”, “Ural” and “Yakutia”, large submarines “Ufa” and “Magadan”, the ship “Nikolay Zubov”.

“For the staff of the Baltic Shipyard, the handover of mortgage boards for nuclear-powered icebreakers of project 22220 is a significant event,” said Sergei Levchuk, Advisor to the General Director of the Baltic Shipyard. – The Central Naval Museum is a cultural temple of historical memory and a powerful means of educating young people. It is here that a sense of respect and pride for the military and labor valor of our people is cultivated. Therefore, of course, in the future we hope to continue our cooperation with the museum. ”

The adviser also noted the importance of preserving the embedded planks of modern nuclear icebreakers in the TsVMM, which after decades will become part of the history of the Russian shipbuilding and fleet.

A series of Project 22220 universal nuclear icebreakers is being built at the Baltic Shipyard by order of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. The nuclear-powered ships Artika, Siberia, Ural, Yakutia and Chukotka are the largest and most powerful nuclear icebreakers in the world. Large submarines of project 636.3 Magadan, Ufa and multipurpose surface patrol ship of project 23550 Nikolai Zubov are being built at the Admiralty shipyards.

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