Brazilian Frigate Independência Deploys for UNIFIL

March 17, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Frigate “Independência”, of the Brazilian Navy, unraveled, on March 16, from the Port of Natal-RN to compose the Maritime Task Force of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (FTM-UNIFIL), where it will act as a Ship Flagship of the operation. It is Brazil’s 17th participation in FTM-UNIFIL, an operation in which the country began to operate in 2011. Since then, 3,800 military personnel and six Brazilian ships have been in Lebanon.

Frigate “Independence” drops out Christmas-RN for the Lebanon, and will remain in the operating area of the Bright to d 2020 December

With a crew of 200 soldiers and an aircraft on board, the Frigate “Independência” will remain in the area of ​​operation from April to December 2020. The ship’s mission will be to conduct naval operations in order to contribute to the security of Lebanon’s maritime borders, avoiding the illegal entry of weapons or related materials in that country, in addition to training Lebanese Navy personnel.

“Independência” is the fifth in a series of six frigates of the “Niterói” Class. The project began on September 20, 1970, as part of the Navy’s Floating Media Renewal and Expansion Program. The first was built at the Rio de Janeiro Navy Arsenal. Its displacement is 3.8 thousand tons, having 129.2 meters in length, 13.5 meters in width and 6.5 meters in draft.

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