Colombian Navy Destroys Illegal Mining Operation

February 8, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Public Force managed to capture 17 people and seize machinery used for the illicit exploitation of minerals.

In a joint and coordinated operation, the Public Force dealt a severe blow to the “Uldar Cardona Rueda” substructure of the Organized Armed Group -GAO- “Clan del Golfo” and the “Jader Jesús” Front of the Organized Armed Group -GAO- “Los Caparros ”, allegedly responsible for the illicit exploitation of mining deposits in the town of Puerto Nuevo in the municipality of Nechí (Antioquia).

During the operation carried out between the National Army, the Colombian Navy, the National Police and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the capture of 17 people was achieved, including 4 foreigners of Brazilian nationality, as well as the seizure and subsequent controlled destruction of two dredges, an excavator and three motors for the extraction of the water, which were used for the illicit exploitation of mining deposits in the Nechí river.

The materials and equipment seized from Brazilian manufacturing and technology represent for these Organized Armed Groups, an impact on their infrastructure that amounts to six billion pesos.

The seized material and the 17 subjects caught in flagrante delicto were made available to the competent authorities.

This operation, in addition to generating a significant impact on the finances of these Organized Armed Groups -GAO-, puts a brake on the incalculable and irreversible environmental damage caused by the illicit exploitation of illegal deposits, due to the illegal use of the soil and the contamination of water sources with toxic substances generated by mines.

In this way, the Public Force ratifies its commitment to weaken the financial structures of the Organized Armed Groups that commit crimes in this region of the country, in addition to working in a joint, coordinated and inter-institutional manner to continue guaranteeing the protection and preservation of the environment.

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