Russia Employing Conscripts in Shipbuilding

February 8, 2020 (Google Translation) – Seventy servicemen of the research and production company took the oath at the Joint Training Center of the Navy in Severodvinsk. In the near future, the sixth set of conscripts will come to serve and work at Sevmash (part of the USC).

The deputy general director for personnel management of the enterprise Vladimir Syrodubov addressed the military personnel. He noted that the guys are expected at Sevmash, in the brigades, where most of them have already done practical training while studying at the technical school of shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. The servicemen will work in nine slipways and machine shops. The main professions are assemblers, assemblers, welders and turners. Graduates of the Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering will find application of their knowledge in the design office.

Deputy General Director Vladimir Syrodubov emphasized that after the army, those guys who prove themselves well will be hired for a permanent job at the enterprise. As a result of previous conscriptions, 85 percent of the NDP conscripts were employed at Sevmash.

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