RFS Grayvoron Conducting Workups in the Black Sea

February 5, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the newest small missile ship (MRK) “Grayvoron” of the Black Sea Fleet began to practice measures before the first exit to the sea for independent fulfillment of planned combat training tasks.

At the initial stage, the crew passes the first coursework task, within the framework of which the personnel work out the tasks of organizing daily naval service and perform actions to prepare the MRK for battle and campaign.

As part of the preparations, an air defense exercise has already been conducted for a single ship parked at the basing point.

Further, the crew of the Grayvoron MRK will conduct a damage control drill, during which the emergency party will take measures to eliminate a conditional fire source in one of the ship’s compartments, and also detect and repair a conditional hole in the hull.

The next stage of the crew’s combat training will be going to sea with a complex of artillery firing at sea and air targets.

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