Three Crews Training at Joint Training Center of the Navy in St. Petersburg

February 4, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crews of three new warships, which arrived in St. Petersburg to undergo a two-month training cycle at the Joint Training Center of the Russian Navy, have embarked on the stage of practicing practical actions for the operation of ship equipment and weapons at training simulators.

In particular, naval combat crews from the crews of the mine defense ships of project 12700 “Pyotr Ilyichev” and “Georgy Kurbatov”, being built for the Russian Navy at the Srednevsky shipyard, as well as the crew of the patrol ship of project 22160 “Sergei Kotov”, under construction at Zelenodolsk shipyard, after the stage of theoretical training, they will work out the algorithm of actions to prepare the ship for battle and cruise, to organize the fight for the survivability of the ship, as well as to organize the ship’s exit from the basing point and maneuvering in various sea conditions with simulation of the situation on the latest simulators equipped with the United naval training center.

“More than 15 crews of surface ships of various classes being built for the Russian Navy will undergo comprehensive training at the Joint Training Center of the Navy in St. Petersburg in 2021,” Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, said earlier following a workshop at which the issues of surface shipbuilding were considered in the current year.

As Admiral Nikolay Evmenov emphasized, “the emphasis in training the crews of new ships will be placed on the acquisition of stable practical skills by personnel, as well as on the operation of modern equipment and weapons, which have a high degree of automation. In particular, the training of crews will continue, taking into account the equipping of a number of ship projects with robotic systems. In order to effectively train the crews of new ships, the programs of the Joint Training Center of the Navy are constantly being improved in sync with the development of scientific and technological progress in the domestic shipbuilding industry. “

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