ARA Islas Malvinas Quarantined off Puerto Belgrano

March 22, 2020 (Google Translation) – ARA “Islas Malvinas” is anchored before entering the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, its natural station, as a preventive measure by Covid-19.

The unit of the Sea Fleet had sailed from Uhuaia days ago, after having completed the Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol (PANC) carried out in conjunction with the Chilean Navy, which meant three months outside his station and more than 60 days sailing for Antarctic waters.

This decision was made taking into account the total quarantine, that in the Fuegian capital there are cases of Covid-19 and in order to ensure that it is not a possible vector of contagion, guaranteeing safe entry into the port.

Also, on Friday, an evacuation drill was carried out on board a possible crew member who had symptoms compatible with the Covid-19.

After the evaluation of the alleged patient according to the protocol of the World Health Organization (WHO), a health professional who was on board recommended his transfer to a hospital unit ashore, complying with all preventive measures to avoid his propagation.

The transfer within the framework of this drill was carried out by boat –without the crew ever descending from it– and Marine Corps personnel awaited their arrival on the coast together with a coronary unit for their immediate transfer to the hospital center.

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