Colombian Navy releases 200 turtles in the Putumayo River

March 22, 2020 (Google Translation) – Units of the Colombian Navy, attached to the Southern Naval Force, managed to recover and later release 200 turtles of the Podocnemis expansa species, known as the charapa tortoise, in waters of the Putumayo river, Putumayo department.

The operation was carried out on an interagency basis with Corpoamazonía, at the level of the sector known as Paim in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Puerto Leguízamo, where the 200 specimens that were allegedly going to be subjected to illegal wildlife trafficking were recovered.

The Colombian Amazon region has been affected by illegal trafficking in endemic fauna and flora of the region that directly affects the conservation of the Amazon ecosystem, likewise, illegal trafficking in wild animals represents an enormous risk to human health, taking into account Account that they do not have any type of sanitary control during their capture, transport and commercialization.

During the operation there were no captures, the specimens were released according to instructions from Corpoamazonía.

The Colombian Navy, through the Southern Naval Force, ratifies its commitment to the preservation and conservation of the environment, in the areas under its responsibility.

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