Sevmash renews laboratory and research facilities

January 27, 2021 (Google Translation) – At Sevmash (part of the USC) laboratory and research facilities have been significantly updated. In 2020, the research, technological and testing center of Sevmash (NITITs) was replenished with 55 new devices of the latest generation.

The use of new technology has increased the reliability, accuracy and productivity of a wide range of control operations, testing and measurements of materials used in the construction of nuclear submarines. So, a scanning electron microscope allows you to find out the composition of any materials in a matter of seconds, check metal samples for quality during testing. And with the help of a modern analyzer of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, research is carried out twice as fast. In one hour, it analyzes up to 15 samples of titanium alloys and steel. Last year, NITITS carried out more than one and a half thousand such measurements. With the purchase of the analyzer for the scientific center of Sevmash, wide analytical possibilities have opened up. On the basis of the new equipment, they will develop programs for determining the content of dissolved gases in a number of alloys and powders.

All materials that are used for the construction of the nuclear submarine are tested in the laboratories of NITITS. Research, technology and testing center is the main link in product quality control. The NITIC includes more than 20 testing laboratories and specialized sections, the team is almost 800 people.

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