JMSDF 62nd Antarctic Research Expedition Cooperation

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From Friday, November 6, 2nd year of Reiwa to Monday, February 22nd, 3rd year of Reiwa, the Maritime Self-Defense Force will carry out the 62nd Antarctic Research Expedition by the icebreaker Shirase.

Captain of the icebreaker Shirase 1st class Kaisa Shusaku Takeuchi
Approximately 180 crew members

Outline of cooperation
The 62nd Antarctic Research Expedition will provide the following cooperation.

Personnel transportation
[Outward route ]
44 people (Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka base-Antarctic base)
[Return route]
41 people (Antarctic base-Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka base)

Goods transportation
[Outward route ]
Approximately 1,050 tons
[Return route]
Approximately 520 tons (waste and other take-out supplies)

Support work
[Outward route]
A. Onboard observation support
B. Field observation support
C. Base construction support

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