Kommuna Conducts AS-28 Trials in the Black Sea

January 20, 2021 (Google Translation) – The crew of the 106-year-old Black Sea Fleet rescue vessel Kommuna performed the descent of the AS-28 manned underwater search and rescue vehicle.

As part of the event, the ship went to sea at one of the combat training grounds, where the crew worked out the preliminary and final preparations for the cruise, unloading the AS-28 apparatus into the water, its departure from the carrier vessel and the transition to the designated diving point.

Further, the AS-28 crew performed the submersion of the vehicle to a depth of more than 50 m, carried out a communication check and worked out the algorithm for laying on the ground and surfacing.

To improve the practical skills of rescuers, a mock-up of the submarine’s coaming platform was fixed on the seabed. The AS-28 crew completed the approach to the model and docking-undocking with it.

The AS-28 launching in the area of ​​the event was ensured by the vessels of the Black Sea Fleet emergency rescue squad.

In 2020, the AS-28 deep-sea vehicle underwent modernization and scheduled repairs at one of the shipyards in St. Petersburg, where modern traffic control systems, updated sound-underwater communications and video surveillance equipment were installed on it.

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