ARC Almirante Tono Begins First Operational Tasking

January 15, 2021 (Google Translation) – Within the framework of the “Renacer Plan”, the Corvette ARC “Almirante Tono” sailed from Cartagena to the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, in order to strengthen the reconstruction efforts of the Archipelago department after the hurricane. Iota.

This surface unit will navigate the waters of the Colombian Caribbean, demonstrating the capabilities of the seventh unit deployed with humanitarian support, transporting more than eleven tons of humanitarian aid and construction materials, which will serve to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. of this insular region.

The unit manned with more than 70 men and women and led by its commander, Captain Nelson Eduardo Hernández Romero, will have the mission of transporting humanitarian aid donated by public and private sector entities, as well as national institutions, who have articulated efforts to collect aid for the most vulnerable communities.

This ship is part of the larger units of the Colombian Navy that have been deployed in the Colombian Caribbean, including the ARC “Almirante Padilla”, the ARC Independiente ”, the ARC“ Antioquia ”, the ARC“ Malpelo ”, the Patrol Type OPV ARC “7 de Agosto” and ARC “Golfo de Urabá”, which have been the logistical support for access to the areas affected by the natural disaster, contributing decisively to the recovery of the Archipelago department.

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