Colombia Receives New Patrol Craft

December 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – In a ceremony presided over by Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Pérez Garcés Commander of the National Navy, the official act of reception of boats and vehicles by the National Fund for Citizen Security and Coexistence FONSECON was held in the city of Cartagena.

Among the items received by the Naval Institution are three type C boats used to control Bay areas and two Apostle type, used in interdiction operations, with capacity for four crew members and cargo transport, reaching a speed of 60 knots per hour, allowing high mobility and flexibility in daytime and nighttime river maneuvers, likewise six shallow draft boats were received, strengthening the capabilities of the Colombian Navy in the deployment of units for the control and patrolling of the communication routes maritime and fluvial in the Caribbean.

These boats are equipped with two M240 machine guns and a 50 point machine gun, allowing in the integration of the boats a high firepower with an effective maneuvering capacity to meet the challenges imposed by National Security.

Similarly, pickup trucks and motorcycles were received that will reinforce the security devices in the jurisdiction of the Caribbean Naval Force.

With the arrival of these units afloat, the Coast Guard Corps and Marine Infantry Command will have an additional capacity for control and surveillance, as well as the effective development of Interdiction operations on the high seas against drug trafficking organizations, operations of Search and Rescue, effective control of Bahia and permanent presence in the areas of responsibility of the Caribbean Naval Force.

During the formal ceremony, Dr. Alicia Victoria Arango Olmos, Minister of the Interior, Dr. Daniel Andrés Palacios Martínez, Vice Minister of Political Relations of the Ministry of the Interior, and Dr. Jairo García Guerrero, Vice Minister of Defense for Strategy and Planning who have provided meritorious services for the benefit of the Naval Institution.

The Colombian Navy ratifies its commitment to Security and Defense in the areas under its jurisdiction, while it will continue with the development of fluvial and maritime operations to counteract instability factors in the Caribbean region.

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