FS Provence Relieves FS Surcouf in Operation CHAMMAL

March 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – On March 9, 2020, the La Fayette-type frigate (FLF) Surcouf and the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence had an appointment off the coast of the island of Cyprus in order to take over at sea in the eastern Mediterranean, on the western flank of the theater of operation CHAMMAL.

Engaged since November 2019 in the Levantine theater in direct support of the CHAMMAL operation, the Surcouf has thus contributed for several months to this almost permanent deployment since 2013 of a French frigate in this strategic area, in order to strengthen the ability to know and anticipate France. Through its presence in this maritime area rich in energy resources, the second of the La Fayette-type frigates has also helped to remind France of its attachment to international maritime law, freedom of navigation and the security of strategic routes.

During this operational deployment, the Surcouf will have been integrated for a month within the carrier strike group around the Charles de Gaulle as part of the Foch 2020 mission, thus helping to guarantee the freedom of maneuver of the aircraft carrier in its fight action Inherent Resolve against Daesh in Iraq.

The Surcouf also led many defense cooperation projects with allies and friends of France. In this context, the frigate conducted several exercises with the regional armed forces, in particular Lebanese, Cypriot or Israeli.

Throughout its deployment, the Surcouf also made full use of the natural interoperability of the French Navy with the allied air and maritime forces operating in the area, at sea, in the air or from land. Backed by the operational action of the French Navy in an area of ​​strategic interest, these cooperations make it possible to concretize the action of France in the service of stability and security in the eastern Mediterranean.

It is now FREMM Provence , with a Caiman detachment from the 31F fleet on board, which is part of the maritime part of the CHAMMAL operation for several months.

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