ARA Bouchard Receives Gun Mount

December 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – During yesterday morning, personnel from the ARA «Bouchard» ocean patrol boat, from the Mar del Plata Naval Arsenal, from the Mar del Plata Naval Base and technicians from the French company Naval Group began the assembly tasks of the cannon that will be completed the armament of the unit.

Although the preparation tasks began last week, the concrete works on the cannon were carried out since the weekend with the arrival of French technicians belonging to the company in charge of the task.

The Marlin WS cannon, which has a caliber of 30 millimeters and modular technology, was manufactured by the Italian firm Leonardo, entered the country towards the end of October and was later transferred to the Mar del Plata Naval Base. There he remained at the facilities of the Mar del Plata Naval Arsenal, awaiting the arrival of specialized personnel from Europe.

The ocean patrol vessel ARA “Bouchard” was incorporated into the Maritime Patrol Division of the Argentine Navy on February 5 of this year. Originally, the arrival of their weapons was scheduled for the first months of the year. However, with Italy being one of the main countries affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, the works of the Leonardo company had to be postponed. Reactivated the European activity and passing the peak of the pandemic in national territory, the times were extended until the entry into the country was completed on October 28.

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