Taiwan Update Ship Acquisition Plans

December 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports, “The National Army plans to complete 3 Tuojiang-class ships in 2025, and the President’s PO document has changed to 6 ships 2 years ahead of schedule.” The Naval Command’s explanation today (16) is as follows:

The original plan of the army’s “high-efficiency ship follow-up ship” was planned to obtain 3 ships from 106 to 114; in view of the dramatic increase in the threat of the enemy situation, according to the guidance of the Ministry of National Defense’s joint combat capability plan, the first ship will be evaluated in Without increasing the budget of 11 ships in the whole case, the construction of 6 ships will be revised and completed in 112, which will rapidly increase the defense capabilities.

The follow-up of high-performance ships is an important project of “national shipbuilding” and “asymmetric warfare”. The Navy will continue to uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude and risk management, implement the “national shipbuilding” policy, and add new things to the navy. Urges the support of the Chinese people.

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