FNS Hamina Completes Refit

December 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – On 11 December, the Finnish Defense Forces Logistics Department For the Navy, a second lifecycle-updated Hamina-class missile boat. As the second refurbished ship in the series, the missile boat Hamina will return to the operational use of the Navy at high speed.

In the renovation, the ability of ships to engage in underwater warfare has been improved, e.g. torpedoes and a Variable Depth Sonar (VDS). The upgrade work will continue from next year in terms of air defense capability and surface control.

The class’s first lifecycle-updated vessel, the missile boat Tornio, was received for use by the Navy in January.

Corona restrictions are being adjusted – the project is proceeding to the missile boat Hanko

The Navy has utilized a significant amount of both commercial partnerships and material co-operation with Sweden in project activities. The prevailing corona situation has caused significant and partly unforeseen adjustment needs for the project and its personnel.

– Our staff involved in the project have stretched to these special requirements in an excellent way. The safety of the personnel has been ensured and the material project has been made to proceed with the professional approach of the ship’s personnel. As a result, we have access to another highly striking and modern ship, the Commander of the Navy, Rear Admiral Jori Harju praises.

Next, the missile boat Hanko will be completed for renovation next year. In addition to the future Ostrobothnia-class corvettes, Hamina-class missile boats will form the backbone of the Navy’s maritime operational capability in the 2030s.

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